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Let Science & STEAM-Powered Imaginations Soar: A Huge List of STEAM Careers


Imaginations soar when science and STEAM careers are introduced in a fun and creative way.

Below, you will find a list of STEAM careers that will excite your elementary students about science and the STEAM fields. Each career includes a brief description and some cool facts that will inspire your students to pursue a career in STEAM.

STEAM Careers in the Arts

STEAM careers encompass a wide range of interests, and the arts are a perfect place to start. The great thing about STEAM careers is that they allow your students' imaginations to soar. So let's take a look at some of the arts-related STEAM careers that are available.

One option is to become a sound engineer. They work behind the scenes to create and mix sound for movies, TV shows, and music albums. Or maybe your student would rather be in front of the camera? There are plenty of STEAM careers in film and television. Some examples include cinematographers, make-up artists, and set designers.

STEAM Careers in Technology

When you think of a STEAM career, what comes to mind? Do you think of scientists in white lab coats or perhaps rocket scientists? While both of those careers fall under the STEAM umbrella, there are many more options to explore. There are so many different STEAM careers that it can be tough to know where to start.

That's why we put together this comprehensive list of STEAM careers. Whether you're a student exploring your career options or you're a parent looking for ways to get your child excited about science and math, this list has something for everyone.

The list includes traditional STEAM careers like scientist and engineer, but it also includes less common careers like arborist and game developer. So whatever your interests may be, we guarantee you'll find a STEAM career that's perfect for you.

STEAM Careers in Engineering

When it comes to STEAM careers, engineering is one of the most popular fields. And with good reason! Engineers play a crucial role in developing new technologies and bringing them to market.

There are all sorts of different engineering specialties, from aerospace to civil to environmental. So if your child is interested in building things, designing things, or solving problems, a career in engineering could be a perfect fit.

The best part? Engineering is a field that offers plenty of growth opportunities. So your child can continue learning and expanding their skills throughout their career.

STEAM Careers in Math

When it comes to math-related STEAM careers, there are a lot of options—from economists to mathematicians to statisticians. For example, mathematicians use their analytical skills to help solve problems in fields like engineering and healthcare.

On the other hand, economists use mathematical methods and models to study economies and develop economic policies. They also use mathematical formulas to measure economic trends like inflation and unemployment rates.

Statisticians use data from surveys, experiments, and other sources to interpret relationships between different sets of variables. They might use data from population studies to better understand why people do certain things in certain situations.

These are just a few examples of STEAM careers that involve math—there are plenty more! Students can explore these options and discover the opportunities that mathematics opens for them.

STEAM Careers in Science

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and the sheer breadth of potential career options springing up in each of these disciplines is truly mind-boggling! In the sciences alone, you can find careers like geoscientists who study Earth’s surface and processes, virologists who investigate viruses and develop cures, marine biologists who study aquatic life and medicine, zoologists who observe animals’ behavior, nutritionists who research diet science and health strategies; the list goes on.

The below STEAM career choices in highly specialized areas of science are sure to get your elementary students’ imaginations soaring: hydrologists study water resources and their impact on human life; medical technologists help doctors diagnose conditions using medical tests; forensic scientists use evidence from crime scenes to develop theories about what happened; environmental scientists explore ways to clean up pollutants from air or water sources.

So don’t just conjure up standard STEM topics – let those STEAM-powered imaginations soar! As your students explore the limitless possibilities of a career in the scientific world, you can help them decide on a field that excites them the most.

Resources for Exploring and Learning More About STEAM Careers

You've got the power to help your students imagine life by pursuing a STEAM career. To get them started, give them access to resources like those provided by Khan Academy and the National Science Foundation. For more information and ideas, direct students to the Smithsonian Institution's Science Education Center and the National Science Teaching Association.

You can also help your students take their imaginations a step further by introducing them to experts in STEAM careers who can be tapped for advice and insights. They may even be able to get hands-on experience through internships or job shadowing. You might even be able to arrange field trips to discuss STEAM with members of professional societies or research staff at local universities.

These interactions will provide your students with practical knowledge about STEM-related career paths, which can inspire and motivate them. Make sure you open the door for your elementary students so they can explore the wonderful world of science and STEAM!


The sky's the limit with STEAM careers! With so many interesting and innovative jobs to explore, there's no need to limit your child's imagination. With the right education and a bit of creativity, any child can soar in a STEAM career!

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