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How to Prepare K-8 Teachers for Back to School: 5 Essential Tips

As the school year comes to a close, many of us are busy preparing for the next one. But what about the teachers who will be leading our children into their educational journeys? They need just as much preparation as we do! Here are five essential tips to help them get ready for back to school.

Set Clear Classroom Expectations

It's important to set clear expectations for your students in the beginning of the school year. This includes things such as rules and routines, as well as what is expected of them academically.

Be sure to communicate these expectations to your students in a way that they can understand, and be sure to enforce them consistently. This will help create a positive and productive classroom environment.

Establish Early Routines and Procedures

One of the best ways to prepare for back to school is to establish early routines and procedures. This will help you to hit the ground running when the school year starts.

Here are five tips for establishing routines and procedures:

1. Plan out your days in advance. This will help you to stay organized and avoid last-minute stress.

2. Set clear expectations for your students and make sure they know what is expected of them.

3. Establish a clear routine for homework and make sure students know what is expected of them in terms of turn-in time, etc.

4. Create a system for taking attendance and tracking student grades.

5. Decide on a procedure for dealing with behavioral issues and make sure all staff are on the same page.

Get to Know Your Students

One of the best things you can do to prepare for the school year is get to know your students. This means taking the time to learn their names, interests, and what they hope to get out of the year.

You can start by sending home a questionnaire at the beginning of the school year, or by having a conversation with them on the first day. Some questions you might ask include:

-What are your favorite subjects?

-What are your favorite activities or hobbies?

-Do you have any pets?

-Do you have any siblings? What are they like?

-What are your parents' jobs?

Plan Engaging Lesson Plans

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, it's important to make sure your lesson plans are engaging and creative. Put some thought into how you can make your lessons exciting and interactive while still covering the necessary topics. This will help keep students interested, motivated and ready to learn.

Think about utilizing different mediums such as videos, books, art projects and group activities. You could also use games or incorporate real-world experiences into your lessons. Another great way to engage students is to have them work on projects that have purpose outside of the classroom — such as helping their local community — that allow them to really feel a sense of accomplishment with their work. With some planning, you can ensure that each lesson is a success!

Create a Positive Learning Environment

Finally, creating a positive learning environment is essential for both teachers and students. Show your students that you care about them and their learning by making it a priority to create a safe and comfortable space for them to learn.

Make sure your classroom is equipped with all of the necessary resources, such as books, pencils, paper, etc., and make sure each student has access to them. Likewise, ensure that the material you're teaching is engaging and interesting; this will keep your students motivated and excited to learn.

In addition, set clear expectations for behavior in the classroom so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Finally, be careful to speak kindly to each student so they know they are valued and appreciated.

Utilize Online Tools and Resources

With an increasing number of students studying from home, it's important for K-8 teachers to take advantage of the many online tools and resources available to them. From educational platforms like Google Classroom and Edpuzzle that allow teachers to easily assign tasks and track student progress, to virtual whiteboards like Miro and Jamboard that enable teachers to engage with their students in real-time. There are a wide range of options for K-8 teachers to incorporate into their teaching strategies.

Also, don’t forget about sites like Khan Academy and Quizlet, which provide numerous digital learning activities that can help supplement classroom lessons. Whether you’re looking for additional ways to challenge your students or need some extra sources of educational material, these tools can be incredibly useful.


So, if you're a pre-service or in-service teacher getting ready to head back to school, make sure you keep these five tips in mind. It can be tough to gear up for the school year, but with the right preparation and planning, you'll be ready to take on whatever the year throws your way.

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