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The Most common TMJ treatments

TMJ which is called temporomandibular joint disorder, and it’s super painful to deal with.  Usually, it can lead to pain within the jawbone and jaw muscles.  This is essentially the hinge that connects the jaw to the skull, and sometimes it can cause jaw movements to become a problem, and it can compromise the activity of this.  Usually, you feel tenderness and pain in the jaw, pain from the joints or even from the TMJ area. It also can cause pain in the ear, facial muscle aches, or even issues with opening and closing the mouths.  Fortunately, there are many different ways to alleviate these symptoms.  You usually have three choices: medication, surgery, or therapy.

With medications, usually, it’s combined with the other two.  Usually, they involve anti-inflammatory pain relievers, and while usually, the medication isn’t enough to handle TMJ pain, the dentist will give you something stronger and it does create a temporary relief.  Plus, it is anti-inflammatory so there is that.  You may also get some anti-depressants because they can be good for pain relief and from any combatting depression that may come up.  you’ll want to speak to your doctor about this though. The final medication is muscle relaxants, which usually take weeks to kick in, but they’re usually the most effective means to treat the pain from TMJ.

When it comes to therapy, you can typically get some small options that don’t require drugs. For example, a mouth guard is used with TMJ, so that the pain is reduced when you see a soft, firm device such as a mouth guard that’s placed over the teeth. You also can get physical therapy to address this, and usually, these exercises will strengthen your jaw muscles once more.

Finally, you get counseling because usually, the discomfort that’s associated with TMJ is because the condition is aggravated. For example, teeth grinding or leaning on the chin might be happening due to stress, and you can avoid this to prevent it from worsening.

Then there are surgical treatments you can get.  The first is arthrocentesis, which I a process of inserting needles into the joints of the jaw to get rid of debris and other products that cause inflammation.  You can also get injections, such as botox, that can help with jawbone pain.  TMJ arthroscopy is another open-joint surgery used to treat this, where a thin tube is put on the joints and uses miniature tools for surgery.  It is less intrusive but it’s got limitations.

Then there is open-joint surgery, where if all else fails, the dentist will deal with some of the issues itself, but there are risks to it.

So why does it matter? Well TMJ is very painful, and getting it treated makes a world of a difference.  But, you need to make sure you get the right options for treatment since it can ultimately be a huge factor in the success of it.  Common TMJ treatments are important, and you should see your dentist about them whenever possible.

The Difference Between Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

You might be going in for a teeth whitening kit, or you might be looking to fix a problem. You hear the words restorative and cosmetic dentistry thrown around all the time, but might not know what they mean. However, this article will tell you all about what each of them do, and the benefits of each, along with the extent of the help they can give you, allowing you to make the fitting choice for your personal dental needs.

Restorative dentistry is the procedures that the dentist will use to keep your moth functioning and healthy. For example, implants, fillings, crowns, and dentures are a part of this. This doesn’t require specialization, and it’s used to help prevent and correct your general oral health, and it is what dentists use to make sure that your mouth is as healthy as possible. It’s mostly concerned with how your mouth is functioning and how it can improve the look of a person’s mouth. The latter is much more concerned with aesthetics, while this is function.
Typically, this is anything from crowns, bridges, implants, or whatever. If you hurt your teeth in any such way, or decay has gotten to one, typically restorative dentistry is the way most people go for this type of assistance.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry is mostly more focused on improving the smile that you have. While health is always put first, cosmetic procedures might not improve how the mouth works, but more focused on how it looks. Typically, people go to see a cosmetic dentist in order to improve any chipping, yellowing, or other such conditions that might be a result from daily use, and often it can be a procedure to help with your overall confidence as well.
The most common one is teeth whitening, which is where bleaching is used to get rid of the stains and enamel. You might get one that is done in a dentist chair, or a teeth whitening kit, or even both, depending on how the patent wants it, and the budget. It only works on enamel however, so any other different implants in your mouth might be a totally different color, so keep that in mind.

Then there is bonding. Essentially, if you have some discoloration or chips, you can get bonding. It’s a putty that fills in these chips in teeth and it can also be used to fill tiny cavities. It can last years before it needs to be replaced, however this does chip. If that is the case, you just go to the dentist and they put a new one on.

Then there is contouring, where a dentist will reshape the patient’s overall teeth, such as the potion, how wide or lengthy they are, and even the shape. Contouring does need to have strong, healthy teeth, because it does involve sanding or a laser to give it new shape. It can also be used with bonding to fill in any chipping as well. It’s a great quick and permanent solution for those that have crooked teeth, or teeth that overlap or are of different lengths and at undesired angles. It can also be polished after to get the best shine.

Finally, there are veneers, which are put in front of the tooth. Typically, they’re cemented on, changing the tooth color, and giving you a more permanent whitening or bonding. This is a very fast and efficient way to get that perfect smile, however these can be pretty costly, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to improving the overall health of your teeth, or even how it looks, you should look at both of these. They can be used together by many, and some offices even cater to both. Talk to your dentist about your needs and concerns, and from there, try to make sure that you already do have your own personal idea for what you want in your mouth put forward. By speaking to your lake oswego dentist, ensuring that you have everything all squared away and good to go, you’ll be well on your way to the winning smile you so desire for yourself too.