The Best Over-the-Counter Medicine for Toothaches

Toothaches and mouth pain in general are some of the worst pains known to human, and if you don’t agree, you’re likely not human.

What makes it so unbearable, you ask? Well, your mouth is quite sensitive, first off. And whether or not it’s true, having even the slightest bit of pain in your teeth, gums, or tongue feels doubly painful since everything is located so close to your brain.

But the biggest nuisance is impeding your ability to eat food. Eating is an absolute pastime of humanity, no matter what you try to tell me. Yes, it’s essential that you eat. But it’s a hobby. It’s a comfort activity. It’s a culture. Eating is core to our existence, and being in pain makes you not want to eat. That’s no bueno.

Now, obviously you want to see the dentist when you begin experiencing tooth pain to get to the root of the problem. This is a no brainer and everyone likely has a dentist they see from time to time. But what about when your dentist is out of office, it’s a holiday, or the pain is flaring up at night? Where do you turn to alleviate the throb of a toothache?

Over-the-counter dental anesthetics. These things are topical numbing gels that help to take away the pain of a toothache or even a cut or tear in your gums or cheeks. The number one reason this is so useful is so that you can chow down on food and not experience excruciating pain if the motion of chewing is too much or if or stray food comes into contact with the affected area.

These pain relief gels contain benzocaine, a topical pain reliever that adults can use and administer to children 2 years of age and older. It’s important to remember that home treatment of toothaches is temporary, and that most toothaches require dental or medical care. You don’t want to avoid seeing your dentist just because the numbing gel has taken care of your woes for the time being.

Dental anesthetics are magical when you’re so hungry that you’re almost in tears because you know it’s going to hurt to eat. Though the numbing doesn’t last that long and you’ll likely be reapplying the gel a few times in a day, it’s a godsend of a medicine when you can’t make it into the dentist’s straight away. However, with that being said you should definitely get in to your dental office as soon as possible to treat the affected area for the long run.